MicroConverter® On-Chip Download/Debug Kernel

At the heart of the MicroConverter tool suite is a Download/Debug Kernel embedded onto each chip that allows a "back door" interface to the microcontroller core and Flash/EE program and data space. This is what makes many of the unique MicroConverter development tools possible.

The Download/Debug Kernel enables each MicroConverter for...

  • In-Circuit Serial Programming (All MicroConverter Products, ADuC8xx & ADuC7xxx)
  • In-Circuit Serial Port Debugging (ADuC8xx Products Only*)
  • In-Circuit Single-Pin Emulation (ADuC8xx Products Only*)

*The ADuC7xxx products (with ARM7-core) feature JTAG emulation, and so the kernel is not required for debugging or emulation, and is used only for serial downloading.

And since it's fully self-contained and embedded onto each chip, there's no need for a "monitor" program occupying your code space when debugging. The Download/Debug Kernel is invisible to the chip during normal operation, but is there when you need to perform downloading, debugging, or emulation operations.

Note that there is inherent security built into the Download/Debug Kernel. After the chip exits Download/Debug mode into normal operation, code is inherently "locked" from Download/Debug read access, and manual re-entry into Download/Debug will result in erasure of the code space.

In an effort to continually improve the functionality of MicroConverter tools, as well as the products themselves, Analog Devices will from time to time make enhancements to the On-Chip Download/Debug Kernel.


Click here for a history of changes made to each MicroConverter product Kernel.