Visual Analog™

visualAnalogFor designers who are selecting or evaluating high speed ADCs, VisualAnalog™ is a software package that combines a powerful set of simulation and data analysis tools with a user-friendly graphical interface. Many designers are familiar with ADCAnalyzer - a tool that models ADC performance with varying input frequencies and sample rates. VisualAnalog takes this concept further by allowing designers to customize their input signal and data analysis. An input signal can be constructed from sine waves, noise sources, and vector data to see how an ADC will perform in real world conditions. The data analysis functions are expanded from the basic FFTs that are available in ADCAnalyzer as well. Customizable calculations allow designers to predict adjacent channel power ratio (ACPR) and display I/Q constellation plots on simulated ADC outputs or data collected from evaluation boards. VisualAnalog™ is also used as a controller for a new data capture board (HSC-ADC-EVALCZ).

  • Configure ADC evaluation boards with HSC-ADC-EVALC or HSC-ADC-EVALB data capture kit
  • Analyze data from HSC-ADC-EVALC
  • Model ADC performance with complex input waveforms
  • Plot I & Q constellations
  • Create customized power calculations
    • NPR
    • ACPRL

See 3 videos that describe the features and benefits of VisualAnalog™ and how to interface VisualAnalog™ to an evaluation board. 
Note: There is a known hardware driver installation issue. If you experience problems, please read the following document that outlines a workaround. We are currently working on a solution.

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