ADI DiffAmpCalc™

Improve Circuit Design with ADI DiffAmpCalc™

Download the FREE ADI DiffAmpCalc™ for designing differential amplifier circuits and reduce design time from hours to minutes! The tool is easy to use and features an interactive user interface to quickly get you up and running.
  • Automate time-consuming calculations to determine gain, termination resistors, power dissipation, noise output, and input common-mode voltage range;
  • Built-in error detection prevents common differential amplifier problems from entering designs;
  • Create unlimited "what if" scenarios for real-time analysis;
  • User-friendly intuitive GUI features with an interactive dashboard;
  • Easy "point and click" method for flexible selection of ADISM differential amplifiers, various output load configurations and resistor tolerances.

ADI DiffAmpCalc™ Free Download

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