Input CMVR (V)

What is Input CMVR (V)?


Common-mode voltage range (CMVR) or Input Voltage Range (IVR): For signal processing devices with differential inputs, such as an op amp, CMVR is the range of common mode signal for which the amplifier's operation remains linear.

If we let the voltage present on the "-" input equal V1, and the voltage on the "+" input equal V2, then the common mode voltage is VCM = (V1+V2)/2.

Some op amps, for instance, will only allow the common mode voltage of a signal to come within a diode drop or so of the power supply rails. Many of ADI's op amps will allow the common mode input voltage to go all the way to one or both supply rails. Some even allow inputs beyond the supply rails (Beyond-The-Rails™).


Input Voltage Range
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