Features and Benefits

  • Easy to Use
  • GUI Drives I2C Interface
  • On-Board Ammeter
  • On-Board Thermistor
  • On-Key Options
  • RGB LED Cluster
  • Assembled and Fully Tested
  • Emulates System Loading
  • On-Board Electronic Loads
  • Electronic Loads have steady-state, transient, and random modes
  • Demonstrates End-to-End Analog Multiplexer Implementation
  • On-Board ADC
  • Evaluates Both Push-Button and Slider-Switch On-Key Options

Product Details

The MAX77650/MAX77651 evaluation kit (EV kit) is a fully assembled and tested printed circuit board (PCB) that demonstrates the MAX77650/MAX77651. The EV kit allows for easy evaluation of the various MAX77650/MAX77651 features, including the SIMO buck-boost regulator, linear regulator, analog multiplexer, smart battery charger, on/off controller, and I2C interface.

The MAX77650 and MAX77651 EV kits are identical aside from the device (U1), silkscreen, and two resistive dividers at the SIMO outputs (see the MAX77650/MAX77651 EV Kit Differences section). The MAX77650/MAX77651 devices themselves have different output voltage ranges for the SIMO buck-boost regulator. Consult the device data sheet for more information.

Windows®-based software provides a user-friendly graphical interface as well as a detailed register-based interface to exercise the features of the MAX77650/MAX77651.


  • Bluetooth Headphones/Hearables
  • Fitness, Health, and Activity Monitors
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Portable Devices

Tools & Simulations