Features and Benefits

  • Probe Sockets for High-Accuracy Measurements
  • Test Points for All Features (MFIO, CE, IRQB)
  • Default Output Voltage Adjustable Via SEL1/2/3/4
  • Default MFIO Function and I2C Slave ID Set Via CFG1
  • Default Peak Current Limit and FSW Set Via CFG2
  • Connector for Custom I2C Host

Product Details

The MAX77542 evaluation kit (EV kit) is a fully assembled and tested printed circuit board (PCB) that demonstrates the MAX77542 four-phase configurable step-down regulator. The board is equipped with test points and jumpers for testing all pins on the device. Six potentiometers allow for adjusting the SEL1/2/3/4 and CFG1/2 configuration pins at will. There are also probe sockets on critical nodes (VOUTx, LXx) for precise measurements. The board also comes with some spare inductors (L5–L12) for testing out efficiency/performance tradeoffs. The PCB is designed with Analog Devices, Inc.’s, recommended layout of the IC and external components. The IC sets default output voltages by way of R15, R17, R19, and R21 but can be changed with the potentiometers or through I2C communication. Analog Devices’ GUI can be used by connecting a Windows®-based PC to J1 through a USB Type-A to Micro-USB cable.

Markets and Technologies

Applicable Parts

Package Contents

  • The MAX77542 EV kit
  • USB Type-A to Micro-USB Cable
  • Windows-based GUI software is available for use with the EV kit and can be downloaded from Analog Devices website at www.analog.com/max77542evkit (under the Design Resources tab). Windows 7 or newer is required to use with the EV kit GUI software.

System Requirements

  • Adjustable DC Power Supply or Applicable Battery
  • Multimeter
  • USB Type-A to Micro-USB Cable (optional)
  • Windows-based PC with MAX77542 EV kit GUI

Tools & Simulations