Features and Benefits

  • Easy to Use
    • GUI Drives I2C Interface
    • On-Board Thermistor
    • IR LED
    • GPIO Bank with Push-Buttons
    • Assembled and Fully Tested
  • Emulates System Loading
    • On-Board Electronic Load for LDO
    • Electronic Load has Steady-State, Transient, and Random Modes
  • Demonstrates End-to-End Analog Multiplexer Implementation
    • On-Board ADC
  • Evaluates Both Push-Button and Slider-Switch On-Key Options

Product Details

The MAX77278 evaluation kit (EV kit) is a fully assembled and tested printed circuit board (PCB) that demonstrates the MAX77278. The EV kit allows for easy evaluation of the various MAX77278 resources, including the linear charger, SIMO, linear regulator, analog multiplexer, IR current sink, GPIOs and I2C interface.

Windows-based software provides a user-friendly graphical interface (GUI) as well as a detailed register-based interface to exercise the features of the MAX77278.


  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Remote Controls
  • Wearables

Tools & Simulations