Features and Benefits

  • 100W USB-PD REV3.0 Source Charger Solution using a Cypress PD Controller
  • Legacy USB 2.0 Charging Support—Meets MFi R3x
  • Register Set Accessible with Feather Board and GUI
  • Test Points Available for Signal and Converter Analysis
  • EV Kit is Ready for Factory IC Option with Customer Cable Shield Short-to-Battery Protection
  • Proven PCB Layout
  • Fully Assembled and Tested

Product Details

The MAX25430 EVKIT and collateral provides a convenient platform to the design engineer for rapid evaluation with reduced test and firmware-development time.

The MAX25430A evaluation kit (EV kit) demonstrates the MAX25430A automotive-grade buck-boost controller capable of driving up to 5.0A, Legacy USB Charging support and USB Type-C™ protection for USB host or DFP applications.

The MAX25430A provides CC signal passthrough protection for the Cypress CCG3PA USB-PD controller.

The integrated USB Type-C protection switches provide automotive system-level ESD and 24V short-circuit protection for D+, D-, CC1, CC2, and CC lines when used as VCONN supply. The device also supports legacy USB 2.0 charging modes including BC1.2, Apple® 2.4A, Apple CarPlay®, Apple MFi and USB On-The-Go (OTG).

The register set can be reviewed using the Maxim Feather Board I2C to USB adapter, and the MAX2543x Graphical User Interface (GUI). Please contact the factory for more details.

The MAX25430 offers a factory option that includes intelligent detection and protection to avoid high short-circuit currents flowing from the car battery through the cable shield to ground during fault events, preventing car module damage. To evaluate, refer to the Ordering Information table in the MAX25430 data sheet and order the G-suffix sample from the factory. Once received, replace on the EV Kit and unsolder the bypass short around MOSFET (Q6).


  • Dedicated Charging Modules
  • Rear-Seat Entertainment Modules
  • USB Hubs, Breakout Boxes and Multimedia Hubs

Applicable Parts