Features and Benefits

  • Three Independent Channels for Driving High-Brightness LEDs
  • 100mA LED Current per Channel
  • Three Independent PWM Inputs
  • PWM Dimming Control Up to 10kHz
  • Operates from a 5V to 40V Supply
  • Supply Input Chopper Circuit
  • Capability for Cascading Multiple Kits
  • Proven PCB and Thermal Design
  • Fully Assembled and Tested

Product Details

The MAX16839 evaluation kit (EV kit) demonstrates three separate high-voltage, single-channel, linear high-brightness LED (HB LED) drivers using the MAX16839 IC. This EV kit is configured to supply an HB LED current of 100mA per channel and operates from a 5V to 40V rated power supply providing up to 300mA. The EV kit can withstand a 45V automotive load-dump condition. An input switch is included to evaluate pulse-width-modulation (PWM) driving with supply chopping.

The EV kit eases evaluation of the MAX16839 PWM dimming-control feature by providing three independent PWM inputs to all three channels. Each PWM input accepts a digital signal up to 10kHz. Additionally, multiple EV kits can be cascaded by using the MAX16839 FLTS signals. An input common-mode choke is also provided to facilitate EMI immunity testing.


  • Automotive Exterior: Turn Signal Light, Brake Light, Tail and Marker Lights
  • Automotive Interior: Cluster and Warning Lights, Dome and Map Lights
  • General Lighting: Signage, LED Lamps
  • Truck, Train, Airplane, and Emergency Car LED Lighting

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