Features and Benefits

  • Output Voltages (Input Range = +10.5V to +24V or
    +9.5V to +24V Using Included MAX1522 Circuit)
    +3.3V Output at 1.5A (Step-Down Switching Regulator)
    +2.5V Output at 500mA (Logic-Supply Regulator)
    +10V Output at 500mA (Source-Driver Supply Regulator)
    +9.7V Output at 50mA (Gamma-Reference Regulator)
    +25V Output at 25mA (Positive Charge Pump and Linear Regulator)
    -9V Output at 50mA (Negative Charge Pump and Linear Regulator)
  • +8V to +24V Input Range (Reduced Output Voltages)
  • Resistor-Adjustable Outputs
  • 92% Efficiency (Step-Down Switching Regulator)
  • 250kHz/500kHz Selectable Step-Down Switching Frequency
  • Programmable Power-Up Sequencing
  • Soft-Start for All Outputs
  • Multilevel Protection
    Resistor-Adjustable Input Undervoltage Threshold
    Output Undervoltage Shutdown
    Overcurrent Protection for One Linear Regulator
    Current Limit for the Step-Down Switching Regulator
  • External Step-Up Switching Regulator (MAX1522) Included
  • Also Evaluates the MAX1530 (IC Replacement Required)
  • Low-Profile, Surface-Mount Components
  • Fully Assembled and Tested
  • Product Details

    The MAX1531 evaluation kit (EV kit) is a fully assembled and tested surface-mount circuit board that provides logic and bias power required for liquid crystal display (LCD) monitors. The EV kit contains a step-down switching regulator, a logic-supply linear regulator, a source-driver-supply linear regulator, a gamma-reference linear regulator, a two-stage positive charge pump and linear regulator for the TFT gate-on supply, and a one-stage negative charge pump and linear regulator for the TFT gate-off supply. The source-driver supply, the gamma-reference supply, the gate-on supply, and the gate-off supply can be sequenced in any power-up order. The EV kit also includes a MAX1522 step-up switching regulator to provide a higher output voltage option for the source-driver supply and the gamma reference.

    The EV kit produces the output voltages listed in the features column using a +10.5V to +24V input voltage range. The input range can be reduced to +9.5V if the included MAX1522 step-up regulator circuit is used. If lower output voltages are acceptable, the input range can be further reduced to +8V.

    The EV kit features undervoltage protection for the input, overcurrent protection for the step-down switching regulator, and overload protection for the sourcedrive linear regulator. Operation at 500kHz allows the use of small surface-mount components. The EV kit also evaluates the MAX1530.


    • Automotive LCDs
    • LCD Monitors and TVs

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