Features and Benefits

  • Mechanically controlled evaluation of accelerometers 
  • Resonance optimized up to 20kHz
  • Multi-orientation mount

Product Details

EVAL-XLMOUNT1 is an aluminum block with a central mounting hole. It can be used to secure an accelerometer to any source acceleration using this mounting hole, while providing optimized mechanical characteristics for evaluating the sensor frequency response and other characteristics. The mounting block is mechanically optimized to provide a +/- 1.5dB flat response up to 20kHz.The accelerometer breakout board can be attached to the mounting block in multiple orientations along 5 different faces of the block.

Package Contents

  • Mounting block
  • 4 4-40 screws for mounting accelerometer board 

Getting Started

A central mounting hole with a diameter of 0.2 in. and a surrounding lip of 0.38 in, which is 0.3 in. deep allows for a #10 machine screw to be used for fixing the mounting block to the acceleration source. Breakout coupon boards for multiple accelerometer families that are designated as EVAL-ADXL100XZ, EVAL-ADXL35XZ, EVAL-ADXL37XZ are compatible with this mechanical mount. By using this mounting block and fixing it securely to the mechanical source, the accelerometer frequency response can be evaluated in a controlled environment. The mounting fidelity of the accelerometer is critical when capturing high frequency events.

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