Features and Benefits

  • I2S/PDM/TDM/Optical digital audio input
  • Full featured evaluation board for the SSM4567
  • PCB footprint for optional EMI filter
  • Includes USB hardware interface for plug-and-play operation
  • Microsoft Windows-based evaluation software with simple graphical user interface

Product Details

The SSM4567 evaluation board is a complete solution for driving loudspeakers with boosted battery power supply as well as sense output current, output voltage and the VBAT supply voltage. It includes the SSM4567 amplifier IC and the additional components needed to connect digital audio using an I2S/TDM interface or an SPDIF optical interface.

The SSM4567 combines an audio digital-to-analog converter (DAC), a power amplifier, and PDM or PCM(I2S/TDM) digital audio interfaces on a single chip. Using the SSM4567, audio can be transmitted digitally to the audio amplifier, significantly reducing the effect of noise sources on the transmitted audio and eliminate the need for input coupling capacitors. The SSM4567 is capable of delivering 2.5 W of continuous output power with <1% THD + N driving a 4 Ω load from a 3.6 V supply.

The SSM4567 can be controlled by I2C, PDM Pattern control, or TDM control. It can also operate in stand-alone mode without a control interface.

The SSM4567 includes circuitry to sense output current, output voltage, and the VBAT supply voltage. Current sense is performed using an on-chip sense resistor that is connected between an output pin and the load. Output current and voltage are sent to an ADC. The outputs of these ADCs are available on the digital serial output port. The VBAT supply voltage can be used with an automatic gain control circuit that is fully configurable. This AGC can limit the maximum output at low battery voltages to avoid too high current off the battery.

This user guide describes how to use the EVAL-SSM4567Z to test the features of the SSM4567 amplifier. It describes the hardware and software of the SSM4567 evaluation board, including detailed schematics and PCB layout artwork.

The SSM4567 data sheet, provides detailed information about the specifications, internal block diagrams, and application guidance for the amplifier IC.

Equipment Required
  • Audio source with optical fiber or 10-pin 0.100" digital audio header
  • Power supply (5.0 V, 2.0 A recommended)
  • EVAL-SSM4567Z board
  • Analog Devices USB-to-I2C adapter dongle, EVAL-ADUSB2Z
  • PC running Windows XP or later; USB 2.0 port required
  • Speaker, or other load

Applicable Parts