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Evaluation circuit EVAL-LT8333-BZ features the LT8333 in a Boost configuration. It operates with a switching frequency of 2MHz and is designed to convert a 4.5V to 20V source to 24V output. The converter can output up to 2A depending on the input voltage (see Figure 3 in the demo manual, Maximum Output Current vs VIN curve).

This evaluation circuit features Spread-Spectrum Frequency Modulation (SSFM) and EMI filters to provide optimum EMI performance. This PCB layout is optimized for good EMI performance and small solution size. The evaluation board contains a selectable jumper, JP1, to aid in the selection of the desired SYNC pin mode of operation. At light load, either pulse-skipping (PULSE SKIP) or low-ripple Burst Mode® operation (BURST) can be selected to improve the efficiency.

The LT8333 boost/SEPIC/inverting converter IC operates over an input range of 2.8V to 40V, suitable for automotive, telecom, and industrial applications. The converter provides adjustable and synchronizable operation from 300kHz to 2MHz with SSFM option. The LT8333 packs other popular features such as soft-start, bias pin, input undervoltage lockout. The IC can exhibit a low quiescent current down to 9μA in BURST mode and 1μA in shutdown, which makes it ideal for battery-operated systems. The LT8333 is assembled in a thermally enhanced 10-lead 3mm × 3mm DFN package.

The data sheet gives a complete description of the device, operation, and application information. The data sheet must be read in conjunction with the demo manual for EVAL-LT8333-BZ.

There is another evaluation board EVAL-LT8333-AZ featuring the LT8333 in a SEPIC configuration.

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