Features and Benefits

  • 2 sets of spaced vias for populating 6-pin headers
  • Easily attaches to prototyping board or PCB
  • Small size and board stiffness minimizes impact on the user system and acceleration measurements

Product Details

The EVAL-ADXL1005Z are simple evaluation boards that allow users to quickly evaluate the performance of the ADXL1005 vibration sensors. The EVAL-ADXL1005Z are specifically designed to mount on to a mechanical shaker and are constructed of an extra thick printed circuit board (PCB), measuring 0.8 inches square. Screw holes are supplied for rigid mounting to the shaker block. This design allows users to evaluate the full performance range of the ADXL1005 vibration sensor without having to solder the device to a separate test board. A simple RC low-pass filter is provided at the output with a -3 dB bandwidth of about 20 kHz. Components can be replaced to allow users to implement their own application specific low-pass filter on the output of the device.

Full details on the microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) ADXL1005 accelerometers are provided in the ADXL1005 data sheet, available from Analog Devices, Inc., which must be consulted in conjunction with the user guide linked in ADXL1005 documentation.