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This page contains ordering information for the evaluation board used to evaluate the ADRF6755 300 MHz to 2310 MHz I/Q Modulator with Integrated Fractional-N PLL and VCO.

Applicable Parts

System Requirements

  • ADRF6755 Evaluation Board (EVAL-ADRF6755SDZ)
  • SDP Controller Board


ACE Software

151 KB
ACE plug-in for Board.ADRF6755 1.2023.14200 [Apr 05 23]
The ADRF6755 is a highly integrated quadrature modulator, frequency synthesizer, and programmable attenuator with an operating frequency range from 100 MHz to 2400 MHz.
157 MB
ACE Installer Software 1.30.3303.1460 [Feb 22 24]
Analysis | Control | Evaluation (ACE) Software. Requires internet access. Run this executable to install ACE onto your computer. Required before installing the plug-in(s) above. Once ACE is installed, double-click on the plug-in package to install the plug-in.

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