Features and Benefits

  • Standard single-ended interfacing
  • Differential interfacing available
  • Supply voltage easily applied to test loops
  • Analog gain control applied to test loops
  • VRMS output via SMA or 2-pin header
  • SPI signals available via the P3 header

Product Details

This user guide describes the ADRF6520-EVALZ evaluation board kit for the ADRF6520 dual-channel, programmable, low-pass filters and variable gain amplifiers (VGAs) and how to configure the evaluation board to evaluate the ADRF6520 in a single-ended or differential configuration.

The ADRF6520 features a filter bypass mode that extends the bandwidth greater than 1 GHz. The ADRF6520-EVALZ evaluation board allows the user to test all the functions and features offered by the ADRF6520 including low-pass filtering, analog gain control, and the on-chip rms detectors. Signal path traces are matched and are intuitively laid out on the left and right side of the evaluation board, providing easy interfacing with other evaluation boards.

The ADRF6520-EVALZ uses an SDP-S controller board to program its signal peripheral interface (SPI) port using the ADRF6520 Evaluation Software.

A full description and complete specifications for the ADRF6520 are provided in the ADRF6520 data sheet and should be consulted in conjunction with this user guide when using the evaluation board.