Features and Benefits

  • mSure Enabled, Full Featured, Single Phase Energy Meter with the ADE9153B
    • Real time meter health monitoring using mSure manager
    • Class 0.5 accuracy
    • Line and Neutral measurements
    • Imax = 60A, Inominal = 6A
    • 110V-240V
    • 50/60Hz
    • LCD and CF outputs
  • Voltage RMS, Current RMS, Active, Fundamental Reactive and Apparent Power and Energy measurements
  • Power quality measurements
    • Dip , Swell
    • Frequency, Power Factor
  • mSure Manager for analyzing and reporting mSure diagnostic and health data
  • PC control using an isolated RS485 port
  • PC software for full control of the ADE9153B

Product Details

The mSure enabled, ADE9153EVK evaluation kit includes a full featured single phase energy meter with Class 0.5 meter accuracy. mSure is a diagnostics technology residing in the ADE9153B that enables direct and non-invasive monitoring of the energy meter accuracy and faults in real time. The kit contains the ADE9153B, the STM32F103RE ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller that manages the ADE9153B, the LCD display, the RTC, the 64kB FRAM and the isolated RS485 communication with the PC.

The kit allows the performance of the mSure technology and of the ADE9153B to be evaluated in the context of a single phase meter implementation. In standalone mode, the energy meter measures the metrology parameters: active, reactive and apparent energies, current and voltage rms values. The FRAM is used to store information provided by the ADE9153B mSure manager.

The kit may also be managed by the LabView™ based evaluation software. It provides the means to evaluate the mSure and the ADE9153B performance.

Documentation & Resources