Features and Benefits

  • Full featured evaluation board for the ADA4522-2
  • Enables efficient prototyping
  • User defined circuit configuration
  • Edge mounted SMA connector provisions

Product Details

The EVAL-ADA4522-2ARMZ allows the evaluation of the ADA4522-2, 8-lead, dual-channel, mini small outline package (MSOP) operational amplifier (op amp). Both channels of the ADA4522-2 in this evaluation board are configured in a noninverting amplifier with a gain of 101. The output has a low-pass filter with a cutoff frequency of approximately 117 kHz that minimizes the artifacts introduced by the 800 kHz chopping frequency of the ADA4522-2.

The flexible design of the evaluation board allows the user to create a multitude of configurations such as inverting and noninverting amplifier, difference amplifier, and second-order Sallen-Key filters. In addition, a combination of test points and edge mounted Subminiature Version A (SMA) connectors are used for the inputs and outputs for ease of use.

The evaluation board mainly consists of 0805 sized resistors and capacitors to ensure easy installation by the user, besides the bypass capacitors, C1 and C4. The 10 µF bypass capacitors (C1 and C4) have a package size of 2220 to accommodate a higher voltage rating because the ADA4522-2 has a maximum supply of 55 V.

For full details on the ADA4522-2, see the ADA4522-1/ ADA4522-2/ADA4522-4 data sheet, which must be consulted in conjunction with this user guide when using the EVAL-ADA4522-2ARMZ.