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The user guide describes how to set up and use the AD9915 evaluation board. The AD9915 is a 2.5 GSPS DDS with a 12-bit DAC.

The evaluation board provides a graphical user interface (GUI) for easy communication with the device along with many user friendly features such as the mouse-over effect.

The user guide is intended for use in conjunction with the AD9915 data sheet.

Documentation & Resources


Evaluation Software

42.91 M
AD9914 / AD9915 Evaluation Software
This is the main installer and is 64-bit compatible
1.81 K
AD9915 Evaluation Board Flash
EVB flash readme: This file contains instructions for re-flashing an older eval board so that it's compatible with the 64-bit USB driver.
7.35 M
Evaluation Board USB Flash Programmer
Contains the EXE file for re-flashing the USB EEPROM.