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The AD9864/AD9874-EBZ evaluation board and its accompanying software provide a simple means to evaluate this highly integrated IC. The AD9864 and AD9874 are general-purpose IF subsystem that digitizes a low level 10 MHz–300 MHz IF input with signal bandwidths ranging from 6.8 kHz to 270 kHz. The AD9864/AD9874-EBZ is a flexible design that allows the user to configure it for different potential applications. In the IF input signal path, component pads are available to implement different IF impedance matching networks. The LO and CLK signals can be externally applied or internally derived from on-board VCO circuits . The reference for the on-chip LO and CLK synthesizers can be applied via the external FREF input or an on-board 26 MHz crystal oscillator (XO).

The evaluation board is designed to interface to Analog Devices high speed converter evaluation platform (HSC-ADC-EVALCZ) for data capture and control but can easily be interfaced to other FPGA, DSP or micro-controller development platforms via its general purpose connector. A simple software SPI control GUI provides an easy means of configuring the AD9864/AD9874. Analog Devices VisualAnalog software is used for real time data analysis.

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