Features and Benefits

  • Simple power connection using 6V wall adapter and on-board LDO voltage regulators
  • 8 ac-coupled single-ended (differential signal recombined via a bal-un) output SMA connectors terminated for HSTL or LVDS
  • 3 ac-coupled differential output SMA connectors terminated for CMOS
  • 3 configurable reference inputs, selectable between a single ended to differential reference input SMA connector, a 25 MHz on-board XTAL, or a 25 MHz on-board XO.
  • Pin programmable, power on ready configurability
  • Status LEDs
  • USB connection to PC
  • Microsoft Windows-based evaluation software with simple graphical user interface via an ACE plug-in module

Product Details

The AD9576 evaluation board is a compact, easy-to-use platform for evaluating all features of the AD9576 dual channel, power-on ready clock generator.

Documentation & Resources


ACE Software

157 MB
ACE Installer Software 1.30.3311.1463 [Apr 24 24]
Analysis | Control | Evaluation (ACE) Software. Requires internet access. Run this executable to install ACE onto your computer. Required before installing the plug-in(s) above. Once ACE is installed, double-click on the plug-in package to install the plug-in.