Features and Benefits

  • Full-featured evaluation board for the AD8273/AD8277/AD8279
  • On-board voltage regulator
  • Low cost and easy-to use-header for control signals
  • All analog design, no software needed
  • Footprints provided for alternate configurations

Product Details

The design of this board emphasizes simplicity and ease of use. This board comes with a ready assortment of connection options (BNC and RCA connectors), and many configurations are set by jumpers.

The AD8273, AD8277, AD8279 data sheets, available at www.analog.com, cover the details of the device’s operation. Using these data sheets for reference will help designers in their end application. The data sheets are helpful for understanding the operation of the AD8273/AD8277/AD8279 evaluation board, especially during the initial configuration and when powering up for the first time.

Documentation & Resources