Features and Benefits

  • Full featured evaluation board for the AD5758
  • On-board 2.5 V ADR4525 reference
  • On-board ADP1031-1 isolated PMU with integrated SPI signal isolation channels
  • ACE software for control 

Product Details

This user guide describes the evaluation board for the AD5758, a single-channel, voltage and current output, digital-to-analog converter (DAC) with on-chip dynamic power control (DPC) to minimize package power dissipation.

For full details, refer to the AD5758 data sheet. Consult the data sheet when using the EVAL-AD5758SDZ. The configuration of the various link options is explained in the Evaluation Board Hardware section. The installation of the companion software is discussed in the Evaluation Software Quick Start Procedures section.

The EVAL-AD5758SDZ, as shown in Figure 1, requires the EVAL-SDP-CS1Z board. The EVAL-AD5758SDZ interfaces to the USB port of the PC via the EVAL-SDP-CS1Z board. The Analysis|Control|Evaluation (ACE) software allows simplified programming of the AD5758, and is available with the EVAL-AD5758SDZ evaluation board.


ACE Software

277 KB
ACE plug-in for Board.AD5758 1.2020.4200 [Jan 22 20]
Single Channel, 16-Bit Current/Voltage Output DAC, Dynamic Power Control, HART Connectivity
157 MB
ACE Installer Software 1.30.3311.1463 [Apr 24 24]
Analysis | Control | Evaluation (ACE) Software. Requires internet access. Run this executable to install ACE onto your computer. Required before installing the plug-in(s) above. Once ACE is installed, double-click on the plug-in package to install the plug-in.