Features and Benefits

  • Demonstrates Key Functions of DS3144 Quad DS3/E3 Framer
  • Includes DS3154 Quad LIU, Transformers, BNC Connectors, and Termination Passives for Communication with Test Equipment over Coax
  • Compatible with DK101 and DK2000 Demo Kit Motherboards
  • DK101/DK2000 Interface and ChipView Software Provide Point-and-Click Access to the DS3144 Register Set
  • All Equipment-Side Framer Pins are Easily Accessible for External Data Source/Sink
  • Memory-Mapped FPGA Provides Flexible Clock/Data/Sync Connections Among Framer Ports and DK2000 Motherboard
  • LEDs for Out-of-Frame, Loss-of-Signal, and Interrupt
  • Easy-to-Read Silk Screen Labels Identify the Signals Associated with all Connectors, Jumpers, and LEDs

Product Details

The DS3144 design kit is an easy-to-use evaluation board for the DS3144 quad DS3/E3 framer. It is intended to be used as a daughter card with the DK101 motherboard or the DK2000 motherboard. The DS3144DK comes complete with a DS3144 quad framer, DS3154 quad LIU, transformers, termination resistors, network connectors, and motherboard connectors. Interface to the DK101/DK2000 and Dallas' ChipView software give point-and-click access to configuration and status registers from a personal computer. On-board LEDs indicate loss-of-signal, out-of-frame, and interrupt status. An on-board FPGA contains mux logic to connect framer ports to one another or to the DK2000 in a variety of configurations.

Applicable Parts