Product Details

The DC2274A-A USB demo board serves as a network manager for a SmartMesh IP wireless sensor network. With its compact USB dongle form factor, the DC2274A-A, along with SmartMesh IP wireless nodes, makes it easy to rapidly deploy a wireless mesh network for field trials and to accelerate sensor product development.

DC2274A-A SmartMesh IP USB Manager incorporates the LTP5902-IPM SmartMesh IP Module, running EManager firmware with 100 mote network capacity, and provides a USB connection for both power and software access to the manager API UART and CLI UART ports.The DC2274A-A USB Network Manager is available individually or as part of the DC9021B SmartMesh IP Starter Kit, which includes five wireless mesh nodes. With a SmartMesh IP Starter Kit, a user can setup a wireless mesh network in minutes and quickly evaluate the network performance in their own application environment.