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Demonstration circuit 2135A shows a simple DC accurate ADC driver circuit that converts a ±10V single-ended input signal into a fully differential signal capable of driving the LTC2378-20 with a combined linearity error of only 2ppm. The LTC2378-20 is a low power, low noise 20-bit SAR ADC with a serial output that operates from a single 2.5V supply. The demo manual refers to the LTC2378-20 but applies to all parts in the family, the only difference being the maximum sample rate. The LTC2378-20 supports a ±5V fully differential input range with a 104dB SNR, consumes only 21mW and achieves ±2ppm INL max with no missing codes at 20 bits. The DC2135A is the PCB that goes with DN1032. Refer to this design note for the theory of operation for this demo circuit. An option for a pseudo differential input drive is provided.

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