Features and Benefits

  • Access to 4 data channels and data output enable control pins
  • Easily configurable isoPower dc-to-dc converter controls
  • Split primary and secondary power planes for independent operation of data channels and isoPower integrated dc-to-dc converters
  • Multiple connection options for data and power
  • Support for printed circuit board (PCB) edge mounted coaxial connectors
  • Support for active probes
  • Layout for electromagnetic interference (EMI) evaluation

Product Details

The EVAL-ADuM5411EBZ supports quad-channel iCoupler® data isolators, including the ADuM5410/ADuM5411/ADuM5412 and ADuM6410/ADuM6411/ADuM6412, with an isoPower integrated dc-to-dc converter in 24-lead SSOP packages. The EVAL-ADuM5411EBZ supports signal distribution, loopback, and loads referenced to the power and ground planes. The evaluation board also has EMI evaluation and bypass and bulk capacitors. Signal sources can be conducted to the board through header pins or through edge mounted SMA connectors (SMA connectors must be ordered separately). Screw terminal blocks on the evaluation board provide power connections. The board includes 0.2 inch header positions for compatibility with active probes (probe header pins must be ordered separately).

The evaluation board follows best PCB design practices for 4-layer boards, including a full power plane and ground plane on each side of the isolation barrier. No other EMI or noise mitigation design features are included on the evaluation board. In cases of high speed operation, or when ultralow emissions are required, refer to the AN-1349 Application Note, AN-1109 Application Note, and AN-0971 Application Note for additional evaluation board layout techniques.

The EVAL-ADuM5411EBZ is supplied with the ADuM5411 installed. Other supported iCoupler digital isolators with an integrated dc-to-dc converters must be ordered separately to use with the EVAL-ADuM5411UEBZ, including the ADuM5410, ADuM5412, ADuM6410, ADuM6411, and ADuM6412.

Complete specifications for the ADuM5410/ADuM5411/ ADuM5412 and the ADuM6410/ADuM6411/ADuM6412 are available in the ADuM5410/ADuM5411/ADuM5412 data sheet and ADuM6410/ADuM6411/ADuM6412 data sheet, respectively, available from Analog Devices, Inc., and should be consulted in conjunction with this data sheet when using the evaluation board.