Features and Benefits

  • Full-featured evaluation board for the AD5111
  • Several test circuits
  • Various ac/dc input signals
  • PC control via a separately purchased system demonstration platform (SDP)
  • PC control software

Product Details

The AD5111 supports single-supply 2.3 V to 5.5 V operation, making the device suited for battery-powered applications and many other applications, offering guaranteed low resistor tolerance errors of ±8% and high bandwidth while allowing up to ±6 mA current density in the A, B, and W pins.

A simple 3-wire up/down interface allows manual switching or high speed digital control with clock rates up to 50 MHz. The EVAL-AD5111SDZ can operate in single-supply mode and incorporates an internal power supply from the USB.

Applicable Parts

Package Contents

  • EVAL-AD511xSDZ evaluation board
  • CD that includes
    • Self-installing software that allows users to control the board and exercise all functions of the device
    • Electronic version of the AD5111 data sheet
    • Electronic version of the UG-323 user guide

Documentation & Resources

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