Features and Benefits

  • Two SSM3582 high-efficiency Class-D amplifiers
    • Inputs: 4 mono (or 2 stereo) channels, sourced by
      • the SHARC® Audio Module (or another A2B source) connected via A2B
      • a TDM I2S source connected to 12-pin header
    • Outputs: 4 amplified speaker channels at 15W each or 2 "bridged" amplified channels at 50W each. Each SSM3582 can provide:
      • 2× 14.67 W output at 12 V supply to 4 Ω loads at <1% THD + N, or
      • 1× 49.69 W output at 16 V supply to 2 Ω loads at <1% THD + N
    • Class-D amp bridged mode can be used to support 2.1 audio configurations
  • AD2428W low-latency A2B audio bus transceiver
    • Connects to SHARC Audio Module (or another A2B source) via twisted-wire-pair cable (included)
    • Two pushbuttons routed to I/O pins (can be sensed by any system A2B node)
    • Two GPIO pins routed to LEDs (can be driven by any system A2B node)
  • Can be cascaded via A2B to provide 8 amplified output channels to support 7.1 and other speaker configurations
  • Further expansion possible using additional modules connected via A2B or fins connected directly to the SHARC Audio Module expansion port 
  • Fully integrated A2B software and drivers in the SHARC Audio Module Bare Metal Audio Framework and the SigmaStudio® A2B Software package

Product Details

The A2B Class-D Amplifier Module leverages ADI's low-latency A2B audio bus technology, featuring an AD2428W A2B transceiver (serving as an A2B subordinate) that accepts audio over the A2B bus from a connected A2B node in the system. The ADZS-AUDIOA2BAMP Module drives the received A2B data to a pair of high-efficiency, digital input, stereo SSM3582 class-D audio amplifiers. Audio is transmitted digitally to the amplifier, minimizing the possibility of signal corruption in digital environments. See the SSM3582 data sheet for more information.

As the A2B Class-D Amplifier Module is an A2B subordinate node, it must be incorporated into an A2B system with a main node, such as the SHARC® Audio Module or the A2B main evaluation board. Connect the A2B Class-D Amplifier Module to the system using the included A2B twisted-wire-pair cable.

System Requirements

The A2B Class-D Amplifier Module requires an A2B main node such as the SHARC Audio Module or the A2B main evaluation board.

Documentation & Resources


Software Development Tools

CCES is a world-class integrated development environment (IDE) for the ADI Blackfin®, SHARC® and Arm® processor families.

A2B network design tool and embedded software stack that allows audio network designers to graphically design an A2B network and deploy it into an embedded platform.

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