Adding Nonvolatile SRAM into Embedded Systems


Primary object of this application note is to demonstrate the use of various types of NV Memories with Dallas Semiconductor Microcontrollers. The article covers interconnections of the memories with the microcontrollers and details bus timing details required for this application. This article compares the pros and cons of the various nonvolatile memories available from various manufactures and the implementation of EEPROM technology into digital systems. In high-speed digital systems, where fast and unlimited read/write cycles are required, EEPROM memory is the only technology available. Other technologies with slower write times and a limited number of write cycles before "wearout" of the memory cell, are suitable for applications where only a limited number of write cycles and slow write times are acceptable. NV SRAMs are commonly used in data collection equipment, computers (configuration) and high-speed digital communication equipment (to store transient data during power failures). Read full article.