Adapter Board for the Munich (USB2PMB1#)

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Info: : PRODUCTION tooltip
Part Details
  • USB-to-SPI Interface
  • Small PCB Area
  • Pmod™-Compatible Form Factor
Additional Details
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This document explains how the Munich (USB2PMB1#) adapter board receives commands from a laptop through the USB to create an SPI interface. Hardware design files as well as results on interfacing USB2PMB1# with MAX11300PMB1, Santa Fe (MAXREFDES5#), Campbell (MAXREFDES4#), Fresno (MAXREFDES11#), and Corona (MAXREFDES12#) are provided.

Portability has become another word for convenience. These days, almost all of us carry laptops, and this advantage can be used to showcase parts to the customers offering solutions that can cater to their needs. To have that convenience, we need to have a board that interfaces with our laptops to the signal chain electronics that are present on many of the industrial, medical, and consumer applications. This adapter board serves this purpose of being a bridge between your laptop and your SPI-enabled devices.

The Maxim USB2PMB1# board requires custom software and can be ordered together as an evaluation system (EV system). The Munich design integrates a low-power, 1.2A, PWM step-down DC-DC converter (MAX1556); a dual, high-speed, USB-to-multipurpose UART/FIFO IC (FT2232HL); and a 4K MICROWIRE®-compatible serial EEPROM. This Munich adapter board is used to enable USB-to-SPI interface for any Pmod-compatible plugin peripheral modules such as the Maxim Campbell, Santa Fe, Fresno, and Corona reference designs.

Ordering information for EV systems is included in the EV kits’ corresponding data sheet. An EV system is an EV kit combined with an interface board such as a USB2PMB1# and custom software. Refer to the appropriate EV kit data sheet for quick start and detailed operating instructions. The USB2PMB1# has been tested on Windows® 7, Windows 8, and Windows XP®.


  • Industrial Automation
  • Industrial Sensors
  • Medical
  • PLCs
  • Process Control

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