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  • Resolution option adepts encoder resolution to motor microstep resolution in fast hardware
  • Extends TMCM-301, TMCM-302 or TMCM-303 for position feedback
  • Encoder frequencies up to 4M count/s
  • Interface: SPI to host processor
  • N-channel event can snapshoot encoder counter
  • 24 bit encoder counter resolution
  • Encoder interface chip: TMC423
  • no additional software required


  • Two or three channel encoders (differential or TTL/CMOS single ended)


  • 68 pin connector (2 x 34 pins, 2mm pitch) carries all signals
  • RoHS compliant latest from 1 July 2006
  • Size: 80x50mm²
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TMCM-323 is obsolete and not recommended for new designs.

The TMCM-323 is a triple axis encoder interface module. It extends the three-axis motion control modules for closed loop operation. With its very small size it is dedicated to embedded applications. The board can be connected to a baseboard or to customized electronics with a pin connector. The TMCM-323 interfaces the 3-axis TMCM modules TMCM-301, TMCM-302, TMCM-303/SG, TMCM-341, TMCM-342 and TMCM-343 via SPI. The TMCM-323 contains three real time counters for the incremental encoders so that the actual position data is available without software timing problems.


  • Encoder interface for three-axis motion control modules
  • Provides encoder interface for TMCM-301, TMCM-302 and TMCM-303

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