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Motor / Encoder type

  • Sine (or block) commutated BLDC motors with encoder and with / without additional hall sensors
  • Hall sensor based motors can be operated without encoder
  • Motor power from a few watts to 800W
  • Motor velocity up to 100,000 RPM (electrical field)
  • Incremental encoder (2 channel with option for N-channel) with resolution from 256 to 30000 / motor rotation (opt. per electrical field rotation)
  • 12V to 48V nominal motor voltage
  • RMS motor current up to 20A (sine commutation)


  • High-efficiency operation, low power-dissipation
  • Motor RMS current measurement in sine commutation mode
  • Very fast response time leads to dynamic motor behavior
  • CAN interface and RS485 integrated
  • Step direction interface
  • Stand-alone capability
  • Typical Supply voltage 14V – 48V
  • Integrated Protection: Reverse polarity and overload / overtemperature / overvoltage
  • Supports ADI TRINAMIC's TMCL protocol and the TMCL software environment for parameterizing and for update
  • Integrated 1024 entry 10 bit motor sine commutation table
  • External (stop) switch or encoder N channel can be used for absolute position reference
  • Different start up modes for automatic commutation calibration
Additional Details
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The TMCM-171 is a controller / driver module for high performance servo drives based on brushless DC motors. It combines the high resolution of a stepper motor coupled with the high dynamic, high velocity and high reliability of a BLDC drive. The motor and switches can be connected easily with pluggable screw terminals. A build-in ramp generator allows parameterized smooth positioning. The TMCM-171 supports BLDC motors with nearly any number of poles and incremental encoders with nearly any resolution.The TMCM-171 integrates a velocity regulator, a position regulator and a ramp generator. The module can be controlled remotely via CAN or RS-485 interface. Additionally, the TMCM-171 is equipped with a step direction interface. Stand alone operation (either via TMCL program or via analog control) is also possible.


  • Replacement of servo drive by high reliability / low cost BLDC drive
  • Fast and precise positioning
  • Smooth very low to very high constant / variable velocity drives
  • Very high velocity stability drives

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