Dual DisplayPort Graphics Multiplexer with HDMI Level Shifter

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High-Speed DisplayPort Graphics Switch Enables Seamless Integration into Dual Graphics Systems

Part Details
  • Single +3.3V Supply
  • Meets HDMI v.1.4 Eye Mask Up to 2.25Gbps
  • Meets VESA DisplayPort Interoperability Guideline v.1.1a (Requires External DDC Logic)
  • Low-Power Shutdown Mode
    • Active High or Active Low
  • Output Level Adjust (ADJ) for Output Back-Termination Without Amplitude Loss
  • Seamless Integration into Dual-Graphics Systems with External HDMI Connector
    • DC-Coupled HDMI Outputs Mate Directly to HDMI Connector
    • AC- or DC-Coupled TMDS-Formatted Inputs
Additional Details
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The MAX14886 high-speed, low-skew, active redriver multiplexer is ideal for switching between outputs of dual-graphics systems and signal conditioning to meet HDMI™ v.1.4 compliance up to 2.25Gbps at an external HDMI connector. It is well suited for switching between integrated (e.g., Intel or AMD) and discrete graphics (e.g., NVIDIA or ATI GPU). The device is VESA DisplayPort™ Interoperability Guideline v.1.1a-compliant (requires external DDC logic) and integrates seamlessly with an external HDMI connector on the motherboard.

The device accommodates differential inputs as low as 200mV and drives transition minimized differential signaling (TMDS®) outputs to 1000mV (typ). A precision resistor on the output level adjust pin (ADJ) allows differentiated output back-termination resistors of 400Ω (typ) to better meet HDMI mask jitter compliance, while maintaining full TMDS swing requirements. The device supports AC-(DisplayPort) or DC-(HDMI) coupling directly to the graphics IC and must be DC-coupled to the HDMI connector. In addition, the device features current back-flow protection at the HDMI connector and a low-power, active-high or active-low shutdown mode.

The device operates with a single +3.3V supply, is specified over the 0°C to +70°C commercial temperature range, and is available in a 5mm x 5mm, 40-pin TQFN package.


  • Dual Graphics Notebook Computers
  • Dual Mode DisplayPort to HDMI External Switches or Adapters

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