6B50-1/6B50-2 Field Configurable Digital I/O


6b50-2The 6B50-1 and 6B50-2 are 24-channel digital I/O boards which are compatible with the 6B Series Signal-Conditioning Modules at the network level. Each converts commands from the host computer into logic levels suitable for interfacing with industry-standard opto-isolated digital I/O panels. All I/O channels can be configured for input or output, using bit or byte addressing. In addition, the status of the port can be read back by the host to confirm the 
I/O configuration.

Synchronized Sampling

The firmwire of the 6B50 allows data to be sampled simultaneously from all 6B11, 6B11HV, 6B12, 6B12HV modules and all 6B50 boards in a 6B Series system. Each module or board stores the data in a separate register within its microcontroller and can access the data with a separate command.

Software Configuration

The 6B50-1 and 6B50-2 can be software-configured for address, baud rate, data format, checksum status and I/O configuration. All programmable parameters are stored in the nonvolatile memory of each digital I/O board.

Inside the 6B50-1 and 6B50-2

An on-board microcontroller communicates with the host through an RS-232C port (Model 6B50-2), or with a 6B Series backplane through an RS-485 port (Model 6B50-1) to exchange command and status information.

An included EEPROM stores system parameters (address, baud rate, checksum, etc.) as well as I/O configuration information. The microcontroller is interfaced to 8-bit latches and buffers a maximum of 24 digital I/O channels. Each channel can be individually set as either an input or output. The 6B50-1 and 6B50-2 are 3.47-inch x 6.5-inch open boards that can be panel or rack mounted.

Inputs and Communications

Figure 1. 6B50-1 Functional Block Diagram
Figure 2. 6B50-2 Functional Block Diagram

Model 6B50-1
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Model 6b50-1_6b50-2 
Figure 3. 6B50-1 and 6B50-2 Field Connection Diagram - Refer to Outline Section for Pinout Assignments

Input/Output Communications
24-Channels Digital I/O
RS-232C Interface - Model 6B50-2
RS-485 Interface - Model 6B50-1

Available Models

  Model Host PC

Expansion & Module

Digital I/O
(Software Configurable) 
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 24 Channels
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 24 Channels


6B50-1 and 6B50-2 Specifications
(typical @ +23°C ±5°C and Vs = +24 V dc)

Model 6B50-1 and 6B50-2 
Digital I/O
Number of I/O Channels
24 (Software Configurable for Input or Output)
 I/O Circuit Configuration  Open Collector Outputs with 47 kΩ Pullups to +5 V
Digital Inputs
  High-Level Input  +3.5 V minimum; +5.25 V maximum
  Low Level Output  0.8 V maximum
Digital Outputs
  High Level Output Current  50 µA @ +5 V
  Low Level Output Current  100 mA @ +1.1 V
  High-Level Output Voltage  +5.25 V maximum
 Connector  Male, 50-Pin
Model 6B50-2
Baud Rates, Software Selectable 300K, 600K, 1.2K, 2.4K, 4.8K, 9.6K,19.2K
Distance From Host PC and 6B50-2 50 feet maximum
Male, DB-25
LED Indicators Data and Enable
Synchronized Sampling Command Yes
 Conversion Time 1 ms maximum
Model 6B50-1
Protocol RS-485
Baud Rates, Software Selectable  300K, 600K, 1.2K, 2.4K, 4.8K, 9.6K, 19.2K
Distance From 6B Backplane and 6B50-1
4000 feet maximum
6 Screw Terminals
LED Indicators
Data and Enable
Synchronized Sampling Command Yes
Conversion Time 1 ms maximum
 Power Supply
Voltage, Operating
+5 V dc ±5%
Voltage, maximum safe limit
+6.5 V dc
+70 mA1
1.5 amp Slow-blow, Littelfuse™ Type 251.01.5
Mechanical Dimensions 3.47" x 6.5"
(90.68 mm x 165.1 mm)
 Temperature Range
  Rated Performance
0°C to +70°C
0°C to +70°C 
-40°C to +85°C
Relative Humidity  0 to 95% @ +60°C noncondensing 

1 Excluding load current. 
Specifications subject to change without notice.