Multi-Device Programmer for 1-Wire and I2C Devices

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Simultaneously program up to 8 devices and accommodates multiple package types

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DS9488-GP8 Description
The DS9488-GP8 multi-device programmer for 1-Wire® and I2C devices simultaneously programs up to 8 devices that use the 1-Wire or I2C bus programming interface. A variety of DS9122 series socket adapters, sold separately, allows the DS9488-GP8 programmer to support multiple IC types. Software plugins for every supported device are quickly and easily installed.

Configuration settings allow access to device-specific features such as memory protection, read/write permissions, authentication, etc. These can be store as a configuration profile and automatically loaded in subsequent programming sessions.

A USB interface connects the programmer to any computer. A convenient Windows® application allows for easy operation of the programmer.

Available socket adapters allow the DS9488-GP8 to program a variety of Maxim devices. The Ordering Information lists the socket adapters and the devices they support.

DS9488-GP8 Features
  • Programs Up to 8 Devices in a Single Session
  • Multiple Devices Supported by One Programmer
  • Socket Adapters Available for Most Devices
  • Easily Add Support for New Devices
  • Intuitive Windows Application Reduces Learning Time
  • Standard USB Interface Connects to Any Computer


  • The DS9488-GP8 requires DS9122 socket adapters that are sold separately
  • DS9488-GP8 software component for supported Secure Authenticator devices is available under NDA

DS9122 Description
The DS9122 socket adapters are used in conjunction with the DS9488-GP8 to program a subset of Maxim's 1-Wire® and I2C Secure Authenticator devices simultaneously.The socket adapters employ ESD-sensitive components and LED status indicators to identify pass/fail status of individual devices. Depending on the device(s) to be programmed, a specific DS9122 adapter part number is required.

Additional descriptions are detailed in the data sheet.

DS9122 Features
  • Enable Programming of Up to 8 Devices In a Single Session
  • Status LEDs Provide Immediate Pass/Fail Confirmation
DS9122P: Dual 6-pin TSOC Socket Adapter for DS2431P, DS28E15P, DS28E22P, DS28E25P
DS9122Q: 6-pin TDFN Socket Adapter for DS2431Q, DS28E15Q, DS28E22Q, DS28E25Q

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