Part Details
  • Slides over iButton and highlights with a color
  • Color-coded tab accepts transparent computer generated label
  • Improves the visibility of the iButton for quick sighting
  • Available in six bright colors
  • 20mm (DS9106S) and 60mm (DS9106L) usable tail length for legends
  • Uses DS9096P adhesive pads for securing the tail
  • 1000 labels per bag
Additional Details
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The DS9106 iButton® halos are 0.25mm, thin vinyl highlighters that slide over an iButton that is to be labeled with text, picture, or numeric information. The halo is retained by a friction fit to the iButton it is pressed onto and one or two DS9096P double-sided adhesive pads.

The halo itself is blank. Readable graphics are added using commercially available label printers such as the P-Touch™ series of products from BROTHER and the VARITRONICS EasyStep™ Label Printers.

These manufacturers also offer software support for IBM®- and MAC-compatible computers. For best visibility and contrast, the labels should be printed black on transparent film. With their adhesive backing, they then mount on the fluorescent-colored iButton halo.

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