Part Details
  • Jewelry-grade stainless steel
  • 64kbits NV SRAM
  • 64-bit ROM registration number
  • 256-bit scratchpad
  • Operating range: -40°C to +70°C
  • Full TMEX software support
  • Over 10 years data retention
Additional Details
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The DS9104 Digital Decoder Ring is a portable database disguised as jewelry with the DS1996 Memory iButton® as signet. Data is transferred serially using the 1-Wire® protocol through a simple interface. Data is first written to a scratchpad, verified, and then transferred to NV memory. The 64-bit serial number guarantees that each ring is unique and traceable. The ring communicates by touch through a parallel or serial port interface. Applications include access control to buildings, doors, and computers and digitized storage of personal information.

Note: Rings cannot be resized as the iButton will not withstand the high temperatures required.

DS9104-060 6 16.4
DS9104-065 6-1/2 16.8
DS9104-070 7 17.3
DS9104-075 7-1/2 17.7
DS9104-080 8 18.1
DS9104-085 8-1/2 18.5
DS9104-090 9 18.9
DS9104-095 9-1/2 19.3
DS9104-100 10 19.7
DS9104-105 10-1/2 20.1
DS9104-110 11 20.6
DS9104-115 11-1/2 21.0
DS9104-120 12 21.4

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