I²C Gamma and VCOM Buffer with EEPROM

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Integrated VCOM Gamma Buffer with Rich Feature Set

Part Details
  • 10-Bit Gamma Buffers, 14 Channels
  • 8-Bit VCOM Buffer, 1 Channel
  • Four 10-Bit EEPROM Words per Channel
  • Low-Power 400µA/ch Gamma Buffers
  • I²C-Compatible Serial Interface
  • Flexible Control from I²C or Pins
  • 9.0V to 15.0V Analog Supply
  • 2.7V to 5.5V Digital Supply
  • 48-Pin TQFN Package (7mm x 7mm)
Additional Details
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The DS3514 is a programmable gamma and VCOM voltage generator that supports both real-time updating as well as multibyte storage of gamma/VCOM data in on-chip EEPROM memory. An independent 10-bit DAC, two 10-bit data registers, and four words of EEPROM memory are provided for each individually addressable gamma or VCOM channel. High-performance buffer amplifiers are integrated on-chip, providing rail-to-rail, low-power (400µA/gamma channel) operation. The VCOM channel features a high current drive (> 250mA peak) and a fast-settling buffer amplifier optimized to drive the VCOM node of a wide range of TFT-LCD panels.

Programming occurs through an I²C-compatible serial interface. Interface performance and flexibility are enhanced by a pair of independently loaded data latches per channel, as well as support for I²C speeds up to 400kHz. The multitable EEPROM memory enables a rich variety of display system enhancements, including support for temperature or light-level dependent gamma tables, enabling of factory or field automated display adjustment, and support for backlight dimming algorithms to reduce system power. Upon power-up and depending on mode, DAC data is selected from EEPROM by the S0/S1 pins or from a fixed memory address.


  • Adaptive Gamma and VCOM Adjustment (Real Time by I²C, Select EEPROM Through I²C or S0/S1 Pins)
  • Industrial Process Control
  • TFT-LCD Gamma and VCOM Buffer

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