DS3/E3 Single-Chip Transceiver

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Industry's Premier Solution for DS3/E3 Wireline Communications Combines Exceptional Performance with High Integration

Part Details
  • Single-Chip Transceiver for DS3 and E3
  • Performs Receive Clock/Data Recovery and Transmit Waveshaping for DS3 and E3
  • Jitter Attenuator can be Placed Either in the Receive or Transmit Path
  • Interfaces to 75Ω Coaxial Cable at Lengths Up to 380 Meters or 1246 Feet (DS3), or 440 Meters or 1443 Feet (E3)
  • Uses 1:2 Transformers on Both Tx and Rx
  • On-Chip DS3 (M23 or C-Bit) and E3 (G.751 or G.832) Framer
  • Built-In HDLC Controller with 256-Byte FIFO for the Insertion/Extraction of DS3 PMDL, G.751 Sn Bit, and G.832 NR/GC Bytes
  • On-Chip BERT for PRBS and Repetitive Pattern Generation, Detection and Analysis
  • Large Performance-Monitoring Counters for Accumulation Intervals of At Least 1 Second
  • Flexible Overhead Insertion/Extraction Port for DS3, E3 Framers
  • Loopbacks Include Line, Diagnostic, Framer, Payload, and Analog with Capabilities to Insert AIS in the Directions Away from Loopback Directions
  • Integrated Clock Rate Adapter to Generate the Remaining Internally Required 44.736MHz (DS3) and 34.368MHz (E3) from a Single-Clock Reference Source
  • CLAD Reference Clock can be 44.736MHz, 34.368MHz, 77.76MHz, 51.84MHz, or 19.44MHz
  • Software Compatible with DS3171-DS3174 SCT Product Family
  • 8-/16-Bit Parallel and Slave SPI Serial (≤ 10Mbps) Microprocessor Interface
  • Low-Power (0.5W) 3.3V Operation (5V Tolerant I/O)
  • 100-Pin Small 11mm x 11mm (1mm) CSBGA
  • Industrial Temperature Operation: -40°C to +85°C
  • IEEE 1149.1 JTAG Test Port
Additional Details
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The DS3177 combines a DS3/E3 framer and an LIU (single-chip transceiver) to interface to a DS3/E3 physical copper line.

Like its predecessor (DS3170) the DS3177 is a software-configured, DS3/E3, single-chip transceiver (SCT). The line interface unit (LIU) has independent receive and transmit paths. The receiver LIU block performs clock and data recovery from a B3ZS- or HDB3-coded AMI signal and monitors for loss of the incoming signal, and can be bypassed for direct clock and data input. The receiver LIU block optionally performs B3ZS/HDB3 decoding. The transmitter LIU drives standard pulse-shape waveforms onto 75Ω coaxial cable and can be bypassed for direct clock and data output. The jitter attenuator can be put in the transmit or receive data path when the LIU is enabled. Built-in DS3/E3 framers transmit and receive data in properly formatted C-bit DS3, M23 DS3, G.751 E3 or G.832 E3 data streams. Functions not used are powered down to reduce system power requirements. The DS3177 conforms to the telecommunications standards listed in Table 5-1 in the full data sheet.


  • Access Concentrators
  • Digital Cross Connect
  • Integrated-Access Device (IAD)
  • Multiservice Access Platforms (MSAPs)
  • Multiservice Protocol Platform (MSPPs)
  • PBXs
  • PDH Multiplexer/Demultiplexer
  • Routers and Switches
  • SONET/SDH Muxes
  • Test Equipment

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