Authentication Demo Stick Using the DS28E15 Authenticator and DS2465 Coprocessor

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Demonstration Experience for 1-Wire SHA-256 Authentication at a Low Cost

Part Details
  • Simple, Yet Powerful Demonstration of Symmetric SHA-256 Secure Authentication
  • Easy Integration onto Breadboards
  • Uses USB Only for Power
Additional Details
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The DS28E15DEMOK demo kit demonstrates symmetric SHA-256 authentication over the 1-Wire® interface using the DS28E15 DeepCover® secure authenticator and the DS2465 DeepCover secure coprocessor. This is a demonstration system and is not meant to be a fully functional evaluation kit. For the evaluation kit, refer to DS28E15EVKIT.

Designers can embed the DS28E15 in their peripherals, sensors, or modules to provide best-in-class secure authentication at a low cost. The DS2465 is placed next to the host microcontroller to store the host symmetric authentication key securely, perform SHA-256 computing, while also being an I2C-to-1-Wire bridge between the microcontroller and the DS28E15. The MAXQ622 is used as the microcontroller for this demo board.

A secure authentication system is only as strong as its ability to protect the authentication keys. In an age where counterfeiters are increasingly becoming more adept at extracting authentication keys, DeepCover-embedded security solutions cloak sensitive data under multiple layers of advanced physical security to provide the industry's most secure key storage possible. 

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