Authentication Demo Stick Using the DS28C22 authenticator and DS2465 coprocessor

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Demonstration experience for I2C SHA-256 authentication at a low cost

Part Details
  • Simple, Yet Powerful Demonstration of Symmetric SHA-256 Secure Authentication
  • Easy Integration onto Breadboards
  • Uses USB Only for Power
Additional Details
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The DS28C22DEMOK demonstrates symmetric SHA-256 authentication over the I2C interface using the DS28C22 DeepCover® Secure Authenticator and DS2465 DeepCover Secure Coprocessor. This is a demonstration system, and is not meant to be a fully functional evaluation kit. For the evaluation kit, please see DS28C22EVKIT.

Designers can embed the DS28C22 in their peripherals, sensors, or modules to provide best in class secure authentication at a low price. The DS2465 is placed next to the host microcontroller to store the host symmetric authentication key securely, perform SHA-256 computing. The MAXQ622 is used as the microcontroller for this demo board.

A secure authentication system is only as strong as its ability to protect the authentication keys. In an age when counterfeiters are becoming increasingly adept at extracting authentication keys, DeepCover embedded security solutions cloak sensitive data under multiple layers of advanced physical security to provide the industry's most secure key storage possible. 

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