Part Details
  • Complete DS1/ISDN-PR1 transceiver
  • Short- and long-haul trunk capability
  • Independent send and receive functions
  • 32-bit or 128-bit jitter attenuator
  • DSX-1 and CXU line build-outs
  • D4, ESF, and SLC-96R framing
  • Dual onboard elastic buffers connect to backplanes up to 8.192MHz
  • Programmable output clocks for Fractional T1
  • 8-bit parallel control port can be muxed or nonmuxed
  • Extracts/inserts robbed-bit signals
  • Detects/generates yellow and blue alarms
  • Onboard FDL support circuitry
  • Generates/detects CSU loop codes
  • ANSI one's density monitor/enforcer
  • Path and line error counters, including BPV, CV, CRC6, and framing bit errors
  • Pin-compatible with DS2153Q
  • Operating ranges:
    • 5.0V
    • 0°C to +70°C (DS2151Q)
    • -40°C to +85°C (DS2151QN)
Additional Details
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The DS2151Q is a first-generation line interface unit for T1 lines that that pioneered single-chip integration of multiple functions, combining long- and short-haul and framing functionality with dual elastic stores and an 8-bit parallel control port. It continues to provide an adaptable interface unit at both network and central office interfaces.

The DS2151Q meets T1 specifications, including ANSI T1 403-199X, AT&T TR 6241 (12-90), and ITU G.703, G.704 G.706, G.823, and 1.431. Under processor control, the user can access the 64 8-bit internal registers to configure the DS2152 to suit the application.

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