Part Details
  • Fully compliant with SCSI-1, Fast SCSI and Ultra SCSI
  • Functionally compatible to the DS21S07A, targeted for high volume applications
  • Provides active termination for nine signal lines
  • Laser-trimmed 110 ohm termination resistors have 5% tolerance
  • Low dropout voltage
  • Power-down mode isolates termination resistors from the bus
  • Fully supports actively negated SCSI signals
  • On-board thermal shutdown circuitry
  • 16-pin plastic SO (DS2105)
Additional Details
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Fast SCSI and Ultra SCSI require the use of active terminations at both ends of every cable segment in a SCSI system with single-ended drivers and receivers. The DS2105 SCSI terminator, which is fully compliant with these standards, enables the designer to gain the benefits of active termination: greater immunity to voltage drops on the TERMPWR (TERMination PoWeR) line, enhanced high-level noise immunity, intrinsic TERMPWR decoupling, and very low quiescent current consumption. The DS2105, which integrates a regulator and nine precise switched 110 ohm termination resistors into a monolithic IC, is a functionally compatible version of the DS21S07A. With relaxed output current and termination tolerances, the DS2105 is intended for high volume applications which require active termination but not the high performance of the DS21S07A. The DS2105 is offered in both 300mil and 150mil SO packages.

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