1-Wire Bus Master with Overdrive

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Part Details
  • Provides a synchronous interface to Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire devices
  • Compatible with low power parallel ports
  • Can be cascaded with other DS1481's
  • Allows print spooler and other processes to run during 1-Wire I/O
  • Provides high-speed communcation with overdrive capable devices
  • Space saving 14-pin (150mil), SO package
Additional Details
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The DS1481 is a bridge chip that enables communication between a parallel interface and a 1-Wire® bus. It supports regular and overdrive 1-Wire communication speeds and derives 1-Wire timing from an internal timing generator. No external components are needed to support the timing generator. While the device is often used in conjunction with a personal computer parallel port controller, it can also be configured to operate with the parallel interface of a microcontroller. DS1481 devices can also be cascaded to support multi-master configurations.

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