Passive Serial Port iButton Holder

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Part Details
  • Small-size, low-cost RS232C COM Port interface for iButtons®
  • Reads all and writes to non-EPROM iButtons at regular speed
  • Powered entirely from RS232 interface
  • Standard female COM port connector
Additional Details
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The DS1413 performs RS232-level conversion and generates 1-Wire® communication signals. With a TMEX software driver, the adapter enables an IBM®-type PC to directly read and write any non-EPROM 1-Wire devices and read all EPROM-based iButtons. The serial port must be able to support a data rate of 115.2kbits/s for a maximum effective 1-Wire transfer rate of 14.4kbits/second (regular speed). Includes DS9098 retainer for single F5 MicroCan and can replace the DS9097 in applications that use only a single iButton®. Multiple iButtons can be connected to the DS1413 using a DS1402D-DB8 Blue Dot™ Receptor or similar cable together with a DS1401 iButton holder.

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