Part Details
  • 10 years minimum data retention in the absence of external power
  • Data is automatically protected during power loss
  • Directly replaces 2k x 8 volatile static RAM or EEPROM
  • Unlimited write cycles
  • Low-power CMOS
  • JEDEC standard 28-pin DIP package
  • Read and write access times of 150ns
  • Full ±10% operating range
  • Optional industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C, designated IND
Additional Details
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The DS1225Y 64K Nonvolatile SRAM is a 65,536-bit, fully static, nonvolatile RAM organized as 8192 words by 8 bits. Each NV SRAM has a self-contained lithium energy source and control circuitry which constantly monitors VCC for an out-of-tolerance condition. When such a condition occurs, the lithium energy source is automatically switched on and write protection is unconditionally enabled to prevent data corruption. The NV SRAM can be used in place of existing 8k x 8 SRAMs directly conforming to the popular bytewide 28-pin DIP standard. The DS1225Y also matches the pinout of the 2764 EPROM or the 2864 EEPROM, allowing direct substitution while enhancing performance. There is no limit on the number of write cycles that can be executed and no additional support circuitry is required for microprocessor interfacing.

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