Programmable One-Shot Pulse Generator

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Part Details
  • All-silicon pulse-width generator
  • Five programmable widths from 5ns to 500ns
  • Equal or unequal increments
  • Stable, precise widths, rising edge-triggered
  • Inverted and noninverted outputs
  • Width tolerance ±5% or ±2ns (whichever is greater)
  • Low-power CMOS with TTL compatibility
  • Vapor phase, IR, and wave solderable
Additional Details
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The DS1040 Programmable One-Shot Pulse Generator has five precise pulse widths ranging from 50ns to 500ns. Increments range from 2.5ns to 100ns with a nominal width accuracy of ±5% or ±2ns, whichever is greater. In response to the rising edge of the input (trigger) pulse, the DS1040 produces an output pulse with a width determined by the logic states of the three parallel programming pins. The intrinsic delay between trigger and output pulse is not more than 10ns. For convenience, both inverting and noninverting outputs are supplied. Each output is capable of driving up to five 74LS loads.

The DS1040 offers reliability and precision as an all-silicon pulse width generator or clock oscillator. For maximum flexibility in applications such as magneto-optical read/write disk laser power control, different versions of the DS1040 are offered with equal and unequal increments.

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