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DRIVER/COMPARATOR/LOAD: A Single Chip that Performs the Pin Electronics Functions of Driver, Comparator and Active Load in ATE VLSI and Memory Testers

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Part Details
  • 250 MHz Operation
  • Driver/Comparator and Active Load Included
  • On-Chip Schottky Diode Bridge
  • 52-Lead LQFP Package with Built-in Heatsink
Additional Details
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The AD53032 is a single chip that performs the pin electronics functions of driver, comparator and active load in ATE VLSI and memory testers. In addition, a Schottky diode bridge for the active load and a VCOM buffer are included internally.


  • Automatic Test Equipment
  • Semiconductor Test Systems
  • Board Test Systems
  • Instrumentation and Characterization Equipment
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