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Complete 16-Channel, 12-Bit Data Acquisition System

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Part Details
  • 16-Channel Data Acquisition Input Stage
  • Digitally Controlled Channel Selection/Mode Control
  • 16 Single-Ended or 8 Differential Channels
  • 25 kHz Throughput Rate
  • Guaranteed No Missing Codes
    Over Temperature
Additional Details
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The AD363 is a complete 16-channel data acquisition system which conditions and subsequently converts an analog voltage into digital form. Each system consists of two devices, an analog input stage (AIS) and an analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The AIS includes a two 8-channel multiplexers, a channel address register, a unity gain instrumentation amplifier, and a sample-hold amplifier. The multiplexers may be connected to the instrumentation amplifier in either an 8-channel differential or 16-channel single ended configuration. A unique feature of this product is an internal user controlled switch which connects the multiplexers in either single-ended or differential mode. This allows a single device to perform in either mode with hard-wire programming and permits interfacing a mixture of single-ended and differential signals by dynamically switching the input mode control.

The AD363 is a ADC complete with a complete 12-bit successive approximation converter including an internal clock and a precision reference. Active laser trimming results in maximum linearity errors of ± 0.012% with conversion times of 25 µs. The hybrid AD363-ADC has five user selectable input ranges (±2.5, ±5.0, ±10.0, 0 to +5, and 0 to +10 volts) and includes a high impedance buffer amplifier.

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